Saturday, October 24, 2015

Jew-Hate All the Rage in Palestinian Pop Cult

"Whassup with all the knifings in Israel?," ask the sob sisters of squish-wing media? Commentary's Jonathan Tobin takes a stab (sorry) at explaining it. As he sees it, it's about the Arabs' inability to countenance the presence of "filthy" Jews on land claimed in perpetuity for Allah, a longstanding hatred that infuses and animates their music (call it Zionhass hip hop). A run down of some Palestinian hits of interest include:
...“Stab, stab,” or “Run Over, Run Over the Settler,” [which] ought to give even Americans who tend to idealize attacks on Israelis as a legitimate form of protest pause. 
The [New York Times] article correctly points out that popular music is integral to spreading the message that killing random Jews with knives or by any other means is a laudable activity. Some of the artists tell the Times that their goal is only to get Palestinians to stand up for their rights. But it’s hard to see how pulling a knife and stabbing ordinary Israelis will do that. That’s especially true when you recall, as Times articles never do, that the Palestinian leadership has rejected several Israeli offers of statehood and independence that would have given them control over almost all of the West Bank, a share of Jerusalem, and Gaza. 
Indeed, the focus on the mosques on the Temple Mount, a standard theme of Palestinian leaders dating back, as I noted earlier today, to Hitler’s Palestinian ally, the Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, is a reminder that the real issue for the Palestinians isn’t borders or settlements but the Jewish presence anywhere in the land. In their eyes, the “settler” that the song wants to run over can be a resident of Tel Aviv or Jerusalem as much as a Jew living in a West Bank settlement. 
Nor is there any divide within Palestinian society between those urging peaceful protest and those cheering murder. As the Times points out, a Palestinian, who won the “Arab Idol” television song contest and was appointed a United Nations goodwill ambassador, released a new song this past week that specifically references stabbing incidents in Jerusalem and Afula. The common denominator that runs between these more sophisticated offerings and more crude efforts is the shedding of Jewish blood and willingness to glorify anyone who kills Jews as a hero whether it is a youngster with a knife or Hamas fighters launching rockets at Israeli cities.

The response to this lamentable situation from Israel’s critics is to blame the victims and to urge Israel to redouble its efforts to make peace and thus ally [sic] the anger that is driving this culture of hate...
Jews should be familiar with this sort of anger/hate. It's the same type of hate that sparked all the massacres, all the pogroms. And, pace Michael Coren and other sob sisters who were so affronted by Netanyahu's Mufti line, it's what gave rise to the Holocaust.

You can't make "peace" with that sort of hatred. You can either defeat it--or be defeated by it.

Period. End of story.

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