Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Dear Islamic Supremacists and Your Obliging UNESCO Catamites: Hands Off Our Wall!

In the annals of Arab enmity for Jews and Judaism (which, sorry all you Mohammedans, predated Islam's founding by many, many centuries), this latest move definitely takes the cake:
Jewish groups around the globe roundly condemned a proposal introduced by six Arab countries at the U.N.’s cultural arm that would strip Israel’s cultural and historic ties from the Western Wall plaza. 
Senior officials at the Simon Wiesenthal Center held a conference call with UNESCO’s director-general,the Bulgarian diplomat Irina Bokova, who had already condemned the incendiary nature of the Arab proposal. 
Israel’s Foreign Ministry vowed on Monday to stop what it called the Arab countries’ “underhanded maneuver” at UNESCO. 
Rabbis Marvin Hier and Abraham Cooper of the Wiesenthal Center said “This is a redline for the entire world’s Jewish community.  It is an affront to all Jews, left and right, secular and religious, and an attack on Judaism.  If such a resolution would be approved it would certainly increase the violence in Jerusalem and destroy any prospects for peace in the Middle East.” 
“Declaring the Western Wall a Palestinian site would be like turning over Mount Sinai to ISIS,” Rabbi Hier told Bokova in a comment likely directed at Egypt, one of the Arab countries that introduced the resolution...
You can understand why the Western Wall is such a huge affront to their hair-trigger sensibilities: it offers tangible and incontrovertible proof that the Jews were there first.

Update: UNESCO lies down for its Arab masters.

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