Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Encourage the Zion-Loathing Ceeb to Cover the Agita Over In Israel? On Second Thought, Not Such a Great Move

When I read the other day that Honest Reporting Canada had urged CBC News to cover the unrest in Israel, I thought to myself, "Oh, dear, be careful what you wish for."

My concern has been borne out as HRC is now bemoaning the Ceeb's biased coverage at the hands of Margaret "The Voice" Evans. (I call her that because, whenever Evans talks about a poor, oppressed Palestinian--and in her warped worldview, every Palestinian, even one wielding a bloody meat cleaver, fits that bill--her voice goes all soft and wistful, and she sounds as though she can barely contain the sheer immensity of her onrushing emotions.)

Here's some of HRC's "Special Report" about "The Voice" :
...we have serious concerns with the CBC’s reporting of the recent hostilities by way of the coverage produced by reporter Margaret Evans. A former Mideast Bureau Chief, Ms. Evans, who is now back in Jerusalem, produced several television and radio reports which not only whitewashed and excused Palestinian terror, her journalism deligitimized Israel’s right to self defense, and drew a false moral equivalence between Israeli victims and Palestinian perpetrators of terror and their respective families. 
Call to Action: Register a complaint with CBC Editor-in-Chief Jennifer McGuire. Send emails to:
Demonizing Israel with a False Moral Equivalence: 
In an October 12 CBC National report, Margaret Evans drew a false moral equivalence between Israeli victims of terror and Palestinian perpetrators of terror and their respective families. 
Evans documented the attack on Odelle Bennet, an Israeli who was stabbed 13 times by a Palestinian terrorist and whose husband was murdered in the attack. Evans’ report then faded into coverage of the Palestinian mother and the family of the dead terrorist who are mourning the loss of their son/relative. As Evans describes it “Another woman in mourning” (like Odelle Bennet) and she even refers to “a banner which proclaims his martyrdom.” 
Here’s an abridged transcript of this full report which can be viewed online by clicking here or on the image below. 
Can't say that I'm at all surprised. Anyone who has followed Evans' career knows that she despises the Jewish State--and sides with the Palestinians--because she happens to be a typical left-wing ideologue, with all that entails.

I'd much rather have no coverage of the ruckus than "The Voice's" less-than-worthless assessments of the scene. (If we were looking for that sort of pro-Palestinian piffle, we could read the New York Times--or the Toronto Star.)

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