Monday, October 19, 2015

Return To Sender

The UN Refugee Agency mailed me this urgent, personalized appeal hitting me up for moolah for Syrians (the underlined portion is in the original):
Dear Mindy,
     It's incredibly heartbreaking to witness the desperation of millions of refugees as they frantically search for a safe place just to survive. In the midst of carnage at sea and scenes of chaos at European borders, refugees are running out of time. As compassionate, caring Canadians, it's hard to stand by and watch from afar.
     But refugees, mostly from Syria, and some from other war-torn regions have no time. They need our help right this minute. Many have already run out of money, and need food, clothing and shelter from rain, winds and the coming winter.
     But you can help them today. Please make a donation of $120, $80, $60, or $20 to the UN Refugee Agency. Any amount will help us to help refugees survive another day. ...
Me? Donate so much as a plugged farthing to the UN?

The U-flipping-En?!?

As I remarked to the Mormon who approached me and my son a few years ago as we were standing at the bus stop outside the Toronto Holocaust Centre and asked if I knew Jesus: You're barking up the wrong tree.

The letter is signed by Furio De Angelis, UNHCR Representative in Canada. According to this interview with Furio, in 2013 Canada gave his racket a whopping $77.3 million. Surely Furio can buy plenty of "tents and relief kits, water, schools and medical supplies" with that.

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