Friday, October 16, 2015

Flawed Reasoning for Which There's No Excuse

You can find it here, with this:
I believe that there is nothing inherently flawed in Judaism or Islam which forces us to be at war with each other.
No? Off the top of my head, I can think of several flaws in Islam which would make for perpetual warfare, including:
  •  the fact that Islam is a supremacist, supersessionist faith;
  • the requirement for Muslims to wage jihad on the infidel until such time as they feel themselves subdued;
  • the reality that Muslims are commanded to emulate Muhammad, a man who is seen to be perfect, even though in his time he was responsible for the slaughter of many, many Jews;
  • and, oh, yeah, the Jew-hate that's written right into Islam's sacred texts.
There is nothing inherently flawed in Judaism which forces us to be at war with Islam. However, to make the same claim re Islam and Judaism, or Christianity, or Hinduism, or any other infidel religion is to evince an ignorance of Islam that is as ludicrous as it is terrifying.

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