Friday, October 23, 2015

Hillary Clinton Lied; Chris Stevens Died

Daniel Greenfield distills everything you need to know about Hillary Clinton's role in the Libyan debacle, info gleaned before and during her interminable testimony at yesterday's House Benghazi hearing.

The takeaway: had a Republican messed up as badly as she did, the media would be screaming like banshees and calling for her head on a silver platter. But since she's a Democrat, and a Clinton, her malarkey about how she facilitated a democratic Libyan election (actually, a rigged game designed to put the Muslim Brotherhood in power) as well as the rest of her inept, arrogant dealings with that country while she was Secretary of State is unlikely to derail her presidential bid. (CNN, for example, contends that she emerged from yesterday's cage match largely unscathed.)

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