Friday, October 16, 2015

This Is What Leftist Denial and Duplicity Sounds Like

It sounds like Martin Patriquin, who works for Maclean's magazine. Patriquin managed to unload a simmering pile of his bunkum on New York Times, which fell for his "Harper-is-Trump" equation hook, line and niqab:
But the Conservative Party’s scapegoating of Canadian Muslims dates from well before this campaign. The government first banned the niqab from citizenship ceremonies in 2011, but its directive was successfully challenged by Zunera Ishaq, a former high-school teacher from Pakistan. ..
Though Mr. Harper’s anti-niqab gambit had some initial success, there are indications it might not ultimately be a winning strategy. The latest poll numbers have the Liberals ahead of the Conservatives for the first time in this campaign. The separatist Parti Québécois tried similar fear-stoking in last year’s Quebec election, but the tactic failed miserably. 
And Zunera Ishaq recently recited Canada’s Oath of Citizenship from behind those few square inches of face-covering cloth. This is what progress sounds like in a campaign of fear.
So "progress" consists of a radical chick associated with the Muslim Brotherhood changing Canada's laws so that they're now in synch with sharia?

Hey, Martin--Alice is calling. She wants her looking glass back.

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