Monday, October 12, 2015

Fugue for Canadian Tinhorns ('Cuz the Canadian Election's a Real Horse Race)

Hey, guys and dolls, this one's for you.
A Liberal sings:
I got the horse for me
His name is Justin T.
And he so cute--he looks just like Bambi.
J.T.'s for me,
I think that you'll all agree,
That Trudeau's the one--yippee!
Agree, agree!
An NDP Socialist sings:
Well, lookee over there,
It's my guy, Tom Mulcair,
And he's the smartest and the best, I swear.
Mulcair is fair,
A Socialist who will care,
And he is the best, I swear.
Mulcair is fair.

A Conservative sings:
We've all had great success
With my choice, Harper, S.
You know those other two would make such a mess.
Spends less, spends less,
My man, Harper, S., spends less.
That's how you create success:
Spend less, spend less.

A Liberal, again:
My boychick, Justin T.,
Believes in "peace," you see.
And he's an "honest broker," all agree.
J.T., you see, won't favour the Israeli
'Cuz that would be infamy.
Agree, agree!

An NDP Socialist, chiming in:
Please vote for Tom Mulcair,
The guy with facial hair.
And speaking of the face: that niqab affair.
Mulcair is rare 'cuz he thinks niqabs have flair.
And when our land's oath you swear, niqabs please wear.

A Conservative insists:
Our P.M., Harper, S., I'd urge you to assess.
That is unless, of course, you have H.D.S.*
Obsessed, distressed are those who have H.D.S.
Will their malady progress?
Oh, yes; oh, yes!...

The trio sings:
Harper, S.; Tom Mulcair; Justin T.;
I got the horse for me!
* Harper Derangement Syndrome

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