Monday, October 26, 2015

BDS Sid's in The Toronto Sun--Why?

All you really need to know about Sid Ryan, who has an op-ep piece in the Toronto Sun lamenting the NDP's purported shift to the right, is this:
Sid Ryan was awarded the Canadian Arab Federation's Social Justice Award at their 40th anniversary dinner held in Toronto on June 16, 2007. Ryan was recognised for his work as an International Peace Observer in Northern Ireland and his championing of Palestinian rights, specifically, his strong support for CUPE Ontario's Resolution 50 which calls for union members to support the international campaign of boycott, diverstment and sanctions against Israel.
Such a wonderful chap! Salt of the earth! Exceptionally tikkun olam-y! And what a way with words (especially when lambasting Israel--that's Sid at 19:55 of this pro-Gaza video--for having the chutzpah to defend itself against the eliminationists)!

But what Sid is doing in the Toronto Sun (surely he'd be more at home in, say, the Toronto Star or or on the Ceeb) is anyone's guess.

BTW, you know what BDS really stands for, don't you? It's Bullsh*t, Damnation and Slander.

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