Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Farzana Hassan K.O.'s ISIS Non-Alarmist Gwynne Dyer In Front of Packed House at Toronto Reference Library

Dyer was there to launch his new book--Don't Panic: ISIS, Terror and Today's Middle East--in front of a crowd of fans. As Tarek Fatah describes it, Hassan bravely stood her ground, not only against Dyer's fatuous assertions, but against the hissing mob; unaccustomed to hearing the truth, especially from a Muslim woman who refuses to play the victim game, the crowd ultimately fell silent:
It seemed Dyer was surprised to face a critique of his work at the hands of a Muslim woman instead of the usual “we are victims of Islamophobia” rhetoric. 
Notwithstanding the fact that most Islamists in the West are second generation and born here, Dyer suggested the next generation of Muslims in the West will reinterpret Islam and the doctrine of jihad to suit the West. 
While not losing her smile, Hassan appeared livid. 
“We do not have to reinterpret the doctrine of armed jihad as you would like us Muslims to do,” Hassan said. “We have to repudiate this doctrine.” 
For a moment, the nearly 500 people sat in stunned silence. 
Then a handful clapped in a feeble display of solidarity with the brave Muslim woman on the stage.
First of all, props to Hassan, for having the courage to speak truth to P.C. power. And shame on the foolish, clueless lefties who prefer Dyer's vapid platitudes to the reality that's as plain as day, should they only bother to open their eyes and see it.

Update: Dyer's priorities--don't sweat the small stuff (like armed jihad/ISIS-style savagery and rapacity/the rise of the latest caliphate) since the threat of global climate change supersedes all other world problems. (In other words, he lives up to the name Grim Dire when the subject is warming but turns into Mr. Sanguine when discussing the jihad.)

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