Thursday, November 26, 2015

A Message to Those Participating in That Jewish-Muslim Friendship Circle at Holy Blossom Temple Tonight

Further to this post from yesterday, I wish all the Jewish interfaith squishes could get it through their heads that, "moderate" Muslim protestations to the contrary, Islam is not a religion of peace, and Israel will likely always come between Jews and Muslims, even most of the "moderate" ones. Here's someone who really "gets it," and who lays it all out:
The Islam of today is the Islam of Muhammed who wreaked horror throughout Arabia and destroyed the remaining Jewish tribes of the region. Islam is death, destruction, and brutal subjugation. ISIS is the same as Fatah, Hezbollah, and Hamas; they are simply more effective in their barbarism. Mohammed would be proud of ISIS, since they are replicating his conquests. 
The Chief Rabbi of England, may he live and be well, is a man of books. Let him start his Islamic education by reading a proper uncensored translation of the Koran before he reflects on Islam’s teachings. The problem is that if he insists on participating in interfaith discussions with supposed moderate Muslims, he will remain incapable of discerning truth. Many of these polite moderates oppose violence in Europe, but readily support violence against Jews in what they call “Palestine.” Let him delve into the many bloody hadiths, which speak of rocks and trees imploring Muslims to kill Jews. Let him read scholarly works on Islam, from Islamic theologians themselves, to critical scholarly works not authored by John Esposito and Karen Armstrong, two infamous apologists for Islam.


Carlos Perera said...

Not that this is a valid defense, but Rabbi Sacks is in good(?) company. The heads and high clergy of most Christian denominations--including my own, the Catholic Church--seem equally determined to deny the stark reality playing out in front of their--and the whole world's--eyes, as, having first scoured the Middle East (excluding Israel, of course) clean of its ancient Jewish populations, Moslem jihadis are now doing the same to the world's oldest Christian communities (and all other religious minorities, e.g., the Yazidis and Alawites who are unfortunate enough to come within their spheres of control).

scaramouche said...

The Pope's claim that "education and jobs" will curb radicalization is staggeringly clueless. I wonder--has he even read the Koran?