Wednesday, November 18, 2015

It's All Fun and Games Untill a Wacky, Gimmicky Jihadi Bomb Actually Works

With jihadi creeps who want to strike fear into the hearts of infidels by bringing down a large passenger jet, there's always a new gimmick. From the sneaker-bomber to the tighty-whities bomber to the blokes who hid liquid explosives in shampoo bottles, the ingenuity of these terrorists knows no bounds.

Most of these efforts end in failure (failure for the jihadis; success for their would-be victims in that they get to live to tell the tale) and thereafter elicit much mirth. There is nothing funny, however, about the latest jihadi gimmick--the Schweppes bomb. Unlike earlier gimmickry, this one succeeded in detonating on a Russian airliner, killing all on board.

And if it hadn't worked--you know we'd be making jokes about the goofy bomb-in-a-soda-pop can (just as we laughed at that bomb-like disassembled LED clock school project).

These bits of junk, along with some TNT, brought down an airplane.

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