Monday, November 23, 2015

The "True Teachings" of Islam

A letter in the National Post beseeches us infidels to learn 'em (the "true teachings," that is):

Staining Islam

Re: Europe Goes On The Offensive, Nov. 20.With at least 130 civilians killed, and countless injured, the world has witnessed one of the most gruesome attacks in recent history. Time and time again, we are seeing these barbaric attacks across the world. Growing up as a Canadian Muslim, it deeply saddens me that these brutes continue to stain the name of Islam, and use it as an excuse to wage war and raise havoc. We need to educate ourselves about the true teachings of Islam, so that the peaceful Muslims do not fall victim to prejudice and violence. If not, then more accounts of mosques being burnt ­— like the one in Peterborough, Ont. —­ and the random attacks on Muslims will continue to rise and divide our country. I pray for the peace and stability by anyone affected by this tragedy, and for the day when religion is no longer the scapegoat for extremist actions.
Imran Mohammad, Toronto.
Re those "true teachings," here's what a famous Islamic scholar, Abu l-Ala-Mawdudi (1903-1981), as quoted by Bat Ye'or in her invaluable book Islam and Dhimmitude, has to say about them:
Mawdudi explains the ideological foundation of this [Islamic] state by the doctrine of tawhid, the unity of Allah and of the koranic revelation. This unity places on Muslims the religious obligation to accomplish the Divine will on earth. The will of Allah revealed to Muhammad in the Koran and the sunna was intented for mankind. As sole keeper of the True Revelation, the Islamic community is distinguished from other peoples by two characteristics: the election (Koran, 3:106) and the perfection attached to the laws of Allah, implemented in the shari'a
The shari'ah stipulates the law of God and provides guidance for the regulation of life in the best interests of man.
These two characterics--the umma's election and perfection, linked to the koranic revelation and the shari'a--that is, Allah's will--is considered legitimate and usurped, because only Islamic--that is, Allah's--law must prevail. This concept bestows legitimacy of authority and power at an international level exclusively on the umma. It confirms the supremacy of its authority over all other peoples by its divine election. The same principle legitimizes jihad.
That being so, it isn't that religion is, as the NatPo letter-writer puts it, "the scapegoat for extremist actions." It's that the dogma of this particular religion is the source, motivation and prime impetus for these actions. An since they are entirely in keeping with the mainstream doctrine of tawhid, it is misleading as well as inaccurate to characterize such actions as "extremist."

So who needs to learn more about Islam's true teachings? I would venture to say it's the letter-writer, that's who.

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