Friday, November 13, 2015

Farzana Hassan On Fleeing Syrians: Our Security Concerns Are Valid Due to the Refugees' Hatred

It's not that these refugees happen to support ISIS (although some of them probably do). As Hassan explains, it's that far too many of these Sunni Muslims hate/loathe/despise the West:
Many Sunnis across the Islamic world resent the West’s involvement in the Middle East.
They are aware that Western hostility is aimed mainly at ISIS. 
The longer the conflict continues, the more deeply entrenched the hatred of many Sunnis will be towards the West and its allies in this war. 
Canada would have been well advised to help Syrian refugees on their home turf.
That is a humanitarian crisis that all caring Canadians must not ignore. 
However, it would have been better if Canada had offered to fund hospitals, schools and temporary housing abroad. 
A Syrian-Canadian who helps Syrian refugees in Turkey agrees. 
According to this aid worker, who wished to remain anonymous, the long-term resentment that the West’s policy in Syria will engender poses a risk to Canada’s internal security. 
In his view, if the Liberal government must bring Syrian refugees into Canada, it should opt for educated migrants, who can contribute to Canadian society and who have a broader and less partisan understanding of the conflict at home.
I'd be content if they just screened out the Jew-haters, but we know that's not going to happen.

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