Sunday, November 22, 2015

"The Justin Project"

Those silly Manilla girls going gaga over our "hottie" prime minister reminds me of the silly girls who go gaga over that other Canadian Justin, the one who's a hot mess, and who sings (sort of). Toronto Star opiner states the obvious when he writes that Trudeau's reception back in Ottawa is unlikely to be nearly as warm as the cold reality that he actually has to govern sets in.

That got me to thinking: why not have a reality show about a Prince and the Pauper sort of switcheroo? They could call it "The Justin Project," a fish-out-of-water experiment whereby the "hottie" singer trades places with the "hottie" p.m. and we see who sinks and who swims.

Could the Biebs be any worse a prime minister than Trudeau? I doubt it. Then again, I'm not sure if Trudeau could hold up his end, since it's unclear if he can even hold a tune. (Heaven knows, his acting is awful.)

Then again, there's always Auto-tune, so Justin's pitchiness needn't be a deal breaker.

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