Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Paris Attacks Fail to Deter Stupid EUnuchs From Boosting Funds For Hamas-Abetting UNRWA

You would think that what with all its current agita with ISIS (terrorism in Paris, Brussels still in lockdown), the EUnuchs would think to connect the dots between their enemies and Israel's.

Wishful thinking:
Yesterday the European Commission announced an additional €10 million in support to UNRWA to keep schools open and to maintain core services for Palestinian refugees.. 
According to the press release, this contribution, which comes in addition to the €10 million granted in October,  brings the 2015 EU support for UNRWA’s General Fund up to €102 million. 
Additional support to the Palestinian Authority totalling €1.525 million has also been provided by Austria (€1.5 million) and Portugal (€25,000) through the PEGASE mechanism. This facility allows Member States, in partnership with the EU, to provide assistance in a coherent and cost-effective manner directly to the Palestinian Authority.
The High Representative Federica Mogherini said: 
UNRWA is doing invaluable work with the Palestinian children whose experience has been marked too often by war, violence, displacement and insecurity. Thanks to UNRWA, their right to go to school and build a better future for themselves and the region can be guaranteed. The EU will continue to stand by UNRWA as it provides Palestine refugees not only with critical quality services, but also with stability and hope for the future in very difficult circumstances“.
Isn't it odd/funny how we're so keen to bring Syrian "refugees" to the West--and so intent on keeping Palestinian "refugees" exactly where they are?

As for the ISIS-beleaguered EU continuing to "stand by UNRWA"--what a bunch of hypocrites!

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