Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Premier Kathleen Wynne's Reassurances Re "Syrian" "Refugees" Offer Cold Comfort (and Hot Admonishment)

We here in Ontario the Good are about to open our doors and arms to a flood of folks from a land where Israeli and Jews are utterly despised. It shouldn't be a problem, though, because according to our headmistress, Kathleen Wynne, those we admit will have received a thorough going-over. And besides, says Wynne, evincing a moral superiority that comes from having chug-a-lugged the multiculti Kool Aid and that is a dead ringer for pathological nincompoopery, what happens in Syria stays in Syria and has nada/squat/bupkes/rien to do with you-know-what:
Premier Kathleen Wynne today reconfirmed Ontario's commitment to welcome Syrian refugees fleeing civil war in their country. 
"We are an inclusive and open society. Except for our aboriginal people, we all came from somewhere else," Wynne said to a group of reporters at Queen's Park on Tuesday. 
Wynne reminded Ontarians that many people came to Canada as refugees. 
She said her government will do everything it can to help the federal government live up to its commitment to bring 25,000 refugees to Canada before year's end.   
Wynne's government pledges to settle 10,000 refugees in Ontario by the end of 2016. 
The premier says refugees can be brought to Ontario safely while at the same time making sure security provisions are in place. 
Wynne also asked that Ontarians be vigilant in their communities, and not let Friday's terrorist attacks in Paris trigger hatred and racism here. 
"I think this is actually a time we need to reach out to our Muslim neighbours and friends and recognize that the acts that took place in Paris were acts of terrorism and not born of religion but of some other genesis, some other hateful motivation," said Wynne...
Some other hateful motivation? Well, no. If Wynne cared to look, she could find it right here, embedded for all time in a super-holy and perfect text. (There's also a copy up in Heaven, but that one, presumably, remains inaccessible.)

I think it's time for Wynne to stop lecturing us (her moral inferiors, as she obviously sees it) and to maybe attend one of those delightful Al Quds Days which are usually convened on the grounds of the provincial legislature. The sight of all those "Muslim neighbours" (including many women and children bussed in for the occasion, most looking exactly like they did back in, say, Teheran or Peshawar) wearing their Hezbo flags as they seethe and rage about "the Zionists" might open her eyes and maybe even prompt her to ask: Just who is more likely to "trigger hatred and racism" against whom? (Does Wynne even know that Jews top the list of those targeted for "racism and hate crimes" in Toronto? Is she aware of Muslims' violent hate crimes in France, horrific acts that have led 80% of France's Jews to consider making Aliyah to Israel? Something tells me that she's as in the dark about that as she is about everything else.)

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