Monday, November 30, 2015

Seasonal Song for the Silly Paris Climate Change Summit

Oh, the terror outside is frightful
But our summit's so delightful.
And here's what we want to defeat:
It's the heat, it's the heat, it's the heat.
Oh, the body count's up with ISIS
But we're on a diff'rent crisis.
It's carbon we hope to deplete.
'Cuz of heat, 'cuz of heat, 'cuz of heat.
When we finally all agree
That rich nations must spend all their dough
The results will be plain to see:
Downward Earth's hot temps will go!
See, the problem is existential,
And our task is monumental.
And green is our colour, my sweet,
For the heat, for the heat, for the heat.

Words on the base: "She is waiting." Who, pray tell,
is "she"? And what is "she" "waiting" for?

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