Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Michael Coren on "Lone Wolfs" and "The Mentally Ill Who Want to Leave a Mark"

According to an unnamed British intelligence official quoted by Michael Coren in the NatPo, it's unlikely that a coordinated Paris-style attack will be unleashed in the U.K.. The reason: the Brits have taken steps to make their "disenfranchised" Muslim population feel more included. As a result, British Muslims are "working with their county's security agencies closely and that's simply not true on the continent." For that reason, claims Coren's source, it's the above-mentioned individuals--and not a jihadi terrorist organization like, say, ISIS--who are likely to perpetrate acts of terrorism in the U.K.

Good to know. But if British Muslims feel so much better about the U.K. than French and Belgian Muslims do about France and Belgium, how do you account for these disgruntled (and disguised) English blokes who seem not to have received Coren's source's "inclusiveness" memo?

"Lone wolfs"?

"The mentally ill"?

Not bloody likely.

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