Monday, November 16, 2015

The Awful Truth That "Moderate" Muslims Refuse to Face: ISIS Is Classical, Faithful, By-the-Book Islam

Today in "nothing to do with Islam," two Muslim Toronto lawyers insist that ISIS/jihad/the caliphate have, well, you know the drill:
As the saying goes, one of the last refuges of a scoundrel is religion – and this is a crystal clear example. ‎This savagery is no more Muslim than the Ku Klux Klan represents Christianity. The Islam we know emphasizes that the taking of one innocent life is as if one killed all of humanity and that God created us as different nations and tribes for us to enjoy the life’s diversity – not to hate one another. It also clearly dictates that there is no compulsion in religion. 
What we see from the so-called Islamic State is not Islam under any interpretation. Every religious text contains words of historical or period contexts that can be twisted and manipulated for almost any purpose. We avoid the garbage dump of historical litter that has used religion to justify violence and horror; we devote our energy to the present and future of our children. Unfortunately, all religions are susceptible to slander and abuse, even from within. We feel sick at what these so-called Muslims are doing under a banner of Islam – and it must be taken back.
Best o' luck with that, you two. But since ISIS has everything to do with Islam, and since you seem incapable of acknowledging that obvious truth, it's going to be awfully hard to make headway in persuading "these so-called Muslims" (which oddly enough is what they probably call you--with a lot more scriptural heft on their side) to call off the jihad. 

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