Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Latest Global Push to End War in Syria Said To Be the Most Serious One Yet

Um, this doesn't sound particularly "serious"--or, for that matter, likely to be any more effective than previous global "pushes":
BEIRUT (AP) — The international community is mounting its most serious effort yet to end the nearly 5-year-old Syrian war, rallying around a second round of talks in Vienna this weekend amid the emergence of a Russian proposal that calls for early elections. 
But the global push for peace so far excludes any of the Syrian players, and experts say any hasty decisions risk leading to even greater bloodshed. 
While world leaders seem to be in agreement that the time has come to put an end to the carnage in Syria that has killed more than 250,000 people, there is still no clear roadmap on how to get there. 
Still, the stepped up diplomatic activity, coupled with the U.S. decision to send special operation troops into northern Syria — something the Obama administration had long sought to avoid — reflects a new urgency and a shift in dealing with the world's most intransigent conflict...
Isn't it interesting how, whenever Israel is pushed to the wall by Hezbo or Hamas and forced to take military action against them, the "push to end war" kicks in almost immediately--and well before Israel has the opportunity to vanquish its jihadi terrorist enemies? Whereas conflicts that don't directly involve Israel--in Sudan and Syria, say--are allowed to fester for years, and certainly don't engender the same sort of hasty response.

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