Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Give Us Your Tiredest, Your Poorest, Your Most Wretched (Even If They Happen to Be Jihadis or Have Jihadist Sympathies)

On CBC radio just now, John McCallum, the minister in charge of bringing a bazillion Syrian refugees to Canada (and spending a bazillion dollars to do it) told the host of Metro Morning that there's only one criteria the Liberal government will consider in determining which Syrian refugees get to come here.

Is it their religion, with oppressed Christians getting first priority?

No way!

Is it the absence of ties to jihadi terrorist outfits, with supporters of ISIS and other jihadi outfits failing to make the cut?

Don't be silly.

No, according to McCallum, the sole criteria, and it's one we're depending on the UN--the UN!--to help us with, is the refugees' desperation level. Which is to say that we are planning to import those who have been deemed "most in need," as assessed and identified by some person or another who works under the auspices of the United Nations.

Hey, what could go possibly go awry with that plan, right?

Update: Here's a link to the McCallum interview.

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