Wednesday, November 25, 2015

"Over 23,000 Syrian Refugee Applicants Have Been Referred To Us By the UNHCR; Only About 2,000 Have Been Admitted"

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh (which looks like it should--but doesn't--rhyme with "meh") Johnson explains the rigorous screening process refugees are subjected to, one that's been "enhanced" for fleeing Syrians. Re the above-quoted statement, I'm curious about the following:
  • have only 2,000 been admitted because the rest failed their screening?
  • have only 2,000 been admitted because the process is so slow, with the remaining 23,000 yet to be screened?
  • if it turns out that, out of this pool of 25,000, only 2,000 passed muster, isn't that something that should concern us?
  • how many of the rejected 23,000 (if they have indeed been rejected) can we expect to show up here in Toronto?
So many questions; so little clarity from "progressive" leaders on both sides of the 42nd parallel.

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