Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Imagine There's No Jihad. It's Easy If You Try (and If You're Karen Mock)

Ever wonder how "progressive" Jews who are so intent on "building bridges" with Muslims are able to put aside the divisive matter of that thorn in Islam's solar plexus, that rebuke to the religion's fundamental teachings? I refer, of course, to that pesky Jewish state, the one that has so many Muslims up in arms (and these days, in knives). Karen Mock, who helped organize a Jewish-Muslim love-in at a local Reform synagogue, explains how ignoring Israel for the sake of "bridge building" is done (my bolds):
Mock emphasized that while anti-Muslim feelings in the Jewish community sometimes occur in response to events in the Middle East, the conflict in Israel is “political, not religious,” and that for Jewish-Muslim dialogue programs to be effective, it’s important to put aside political issues initially, until people have developed a relationship.
In other words, you have to tell yourself and others a massive fib--that the ongoing  jihad against the Jews of Israel is "political, not religious."

Actually, Ms. M., it is both political and religious--like Islam itself, which does not separate the two.

But something tells me that that problematic fact won't come up during tomorrow night's hug-fest.

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