Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Syrian Refugees To Go From "Camps" In Middle East to "Camps" In Canada?

It sure sounds like it:
As many as 900 refugees a day are expected to arrive from Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon. The vast majority of them will arrive in Toronto and Montreal. 
Sources say most of the newcomers will initially be housed in military bases, which have been preparing for their arrival. Other kinds of housing will also be used, including hotels and abandoned hospitals. 
But sources also say the government will stay away from calling any of these temporary housing locations "camps" — perhaps to stay away from the notion that refugee camps are typically large-scale and temporary, often using tents. 
Refugees will not be housed in tents in Canada.
Nah. I think they're staying away from calling them "camps" because the word has such negative connotations.

Update: Here's a Palestinian "refugee camp," which, as you can see, is a permanent large-scale settlement sans tents.

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