Monday, November 16, 2015

What a Travesty!: Melanie Phillips on the Doc "The Zionist Ideal"

File this one under "'Progressive' Jews Are Israel's Worst Enemy":
A movie called The Zionist Idea has been making its way round Jewish film festivals in the US. I caught up with it this week when it was shown at the Jewish Film Festival in London. I wish I hadn’t. 
Directed by garlanded American filmmakers Oren Rudavsky and Joseph Dorman, it purports to be a history of Zionism through the eyes of both Israeli Jews and Arabs. The film’s website tells us: “Zionism remains little understood and its meanings often distorted. 
We believe that it is critical for Americans to better understand Zionism’s meaning, history and future.” 
They will not do so from this movie. It is nothing short of a travesty. Its message is that Israel is fundamentally immoral, oppressive and illegitimate and that Zionism is a creed that brings suffering to the innocent. 
Through selective reporting, omission and distortion the movie puts Zionism in the dock and judges it guilty...
Selective reporting, omission and distortion? Ms. P. has just described the M.O. of the New York Times, the Beeb, the Ceeb, the Guardian, the Globe and Mail and every other "progressive" rag and media outlet on the planet.

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