Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Hell Of a Double Standard on Display in D.C.

Israel is held to a different standard--again:
Remember when Secretary of State John Kerry sarcastically grumbled, “Hell of a ‘pinpoint’ attack,” after one Israeli strike in Gaza? We don’t hear Kerry calling the French bombing of those Raqqa medical clinics a “hell of a ‘pinpoint’ attack.” We don’t hear National Security Adviser Susan Rice demanding that Hollande apologize for describing Islamic killers as “barbarians.” We don’t hear President Barack Obama calling for “both sides” to “exercise restraint” as he always does when Israel responds to Arab terrorists. 
On the contrary, Obama administration officials are boasting that the US provided “military intelligence” that assisted the French in their bombing of Raqqa. This, a cynic might say, makes the Obama administration complicit in the bombing of a medical clinic, a museum and a soccer stadium. 
Israel has always understood the nature of this conflict. Now, it seems, France does, too.
I'm not so sure about that last bit. I bet Hollande, too, thinks that the key to quieting tensions in the Middle East is for there to be a Palestine.

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