Wednesday, November 18, 2015

In Wake of Paris Attacks on Infidels, "Virtuous," "Morally Superior" Jew Warns of "Racists"/"Islamophobes" Who Fear "The Other"

Because WE'RE the bad guys/bullies/a-holes, don't you know?:
Fear has once again gripped the world as the so-called “Islamic State” perpetrated horror on the city of Paris. Almost 130 people murdered, hundreds more injured, and so many more now gripped by the dread of more such attacks.  
When tragedies like this occur, our outrage often governs our sensibilities. It would be easy to lash out, blame the nearest “Other,” and be caught in the web of Islamophobia. Sadly, that is precisely what has occurred. Facebook, Twitter and other social media have been alight with ignorance and hate. Fear mongering individuals and organizations are using this horrific event to elevate their soapboxes and extend the reach of their hateful speech.  
I wish we could afford to ignore this reactionary babble. However, these opportunists help incite and encourage very serious hateful and violent acts, both abroad and here at home...
First, it wasn't a tragedy. In the words of France's president, it was a deliberate "act of war."

Second, were I this particular fellow, I wouldn't be so cavalier in my use of the word "opportunist."

Third, very serious hateful and violent acts--like this one--occur all the time in France. It's the reason why so many French Jews are seriously considering vacating the premises. (Gee, I wonder what kind of reception they'd get here in Canada. I have a feeling that it wouldn't be nearly as warm as the one "Syrian" "refugees" will receive.)

I'm sorry if that conflicts with this kvetcher's "reactionary babble" narrative (not really). I would be remiss, however, if I didn't point out that, ironically but not surprisingly, it's the "progressive" who calls critics of the jihad "Islamophobes" and who cites with approval the entity formerly known as CAIR-CAN whose babble turns out to be as dogmatic as it gets.

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