Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Blind Ambition

Globe and Jazeera political cartoonist Anthony Jenkins has a 'toon that just about caused me to upchuck my morning Mueslix. It shows that iconic O "Hope" poster with the first box in a hopeychangey "to do" list--"HEALTH CARE"--checked off. Still "to do"--"GLOBAL WARMING"; "MIDEAST PEACE"; and FINANCIAL CRISIS."

God help us all. By the time Obama "fixes" all that like he's "fixed" health care, you may as well stick a fork in America, Israel and the West, because they (we) will be well and truly done.


paladin3001 said...

Just 8 more months, then 2 more years. If the Americans pull their heads out of the sand the senate might be strong enough to stop any more idiocy.

David in North Burnaby BC said...

Why so chintzy? There's so much more, Mr. Jenkins :

Destroy America's economy - check
Throw Israel to the wolves - check
Get jihadis on staff - check
Ratchet up US casualties in Afdumpistan by sending in troops trained for Iraq - check
Could make a decent drinking game.