Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Coulter at the CHRC?

Anne Coulter says she wants to lodge a complaint with the "human rights" commission because of what she calls Provost Houle's "hate letter." I've been looking into it a bit, and it's obvious that, as a white conservative Christian--the type of person "human rights" complaints are often made about--there's little chance that the Canadian "Human Rights" Commission would give her so much as the time of day. However, according to the CHRC site, federally regulated employers must
provide equal opportunities for employment to the four designated groups: women, Aboriginal peoples, persons with disabilities, and members of visible minorities.
So while, technically, the University of Ottawa is not her employer, or her potential employer, she does belong to one of the official victim groups, and could therefore possibly complain on that basis. ("I was discrimitated against because I am a woman!")

Just kidding, of course. The Lynch mob is in the censorship business, and Coulter is exactly the sort of take-no-prisoners loudmouth who's gob they'd most like to duct tape shut.

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