Sunday, March 21, 2010

Some Public Servants are Worth Every Penny--and Some Aren't

The Toronto Star has figured out that people are more likely to plunk down their hard earned cash for a dead tree copy of the rag if it didn't merely report the news but made the effort to create the news, too. With that in mind, the Star has concocted a non-story about which it expects its loyal readers to have a collective cow. To wit: the "high" salaries of Toronto's "top cops."

I dunno, call me crazy, call me apathetic, but the disclosure that the upper echelon of police in Canada's largest city earns "more than $100,000" bothers me not at all; I figure it's a tough job and these folks earn every cent. What yanks my chain is the fact that a battery of  "human rights" apparatchiks, including Queen Bee (Barbara Hall) get the big bucks to keep tabs on our behavior and push us around as they see fit. Now that makes me nuts!


Josephine said...

Ditto. I think Toronto should hire more well-paid police officers.

Admin said...

I don't think it's the upper echelon who are getting these salaries.

Two of the top earners (150K +) are traffic cops. They earn 1.5 times salary for showing up in court.

Theres something wrong there.