Sunday, March 28, 2010

Joke's On Us

Starting tomorrow, the infamous B.C. 'roo tribunal (the one that ruled on Mark Steyn's "hate speech" offenses) will be adjudicating a squabble between a comedy club performer and his heckler. Because that's the kind of thing we do here in our funny, funny Trudeaupia. From the Toronto Sun:
VANCOUVER — A comedian who admits to using gay slurs against a woman who he says wouldn’t stop talking while he was on stage is getting ready to appear before B.C.’s Human Rights Tribunal.
Starting Monday, the tribunal will hear the case of Guy Earle, an Ontario comic who was performing at a Vancouver restaurant in May 2007 when the incident occurred.
Earle says complainant Lorna Pardy and her same-sex partner were talking loudly, making out and flipping him off while he and other comics tried to work.
Earle admits he called the women several names and says after Pardy threw two drinks in his face, he responded by breaking her sunglasses.
Pardy’s lawyer, Devyn Cousineau, says Earle has tried to make the case about freedom of speech for comics but it’s really about his use of discriminatory language.
Pardy is seeking damages in the neighbourhood of $20,000.
Pardy is seeking damages? Sounds to me like Earle's the one who should be in line for damages since he's the one who was physically assaulted--twice. Unfortunately for him, he didn't fall into one of Canada's most favoured "victim groups". If he had, it would have been a case of one member of a "victim" taking on another member of a "victim" group, and they would have effectively cancelled each other out. But since Earle has the misfortune to be melanin-challenged and have a penis, the Sapphic can behave as badly as they'd like--grope each other during his act, give him the finger, even throw drinks in his face--and he's automatically the bad guy who has to prove his innocence in a kangaroo court (and, it must be noted, pay three year's worth of legal fees while Pardy gets a free ride). As Groucho Marx might have said under such circumstances: That's the most ridiculous thing I ever hoid.

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