Saturday, March 27, 2010

CJC Thinks Coulter is a 'Hate Crime Bully'

Found this one (from the Mississauga News) on the Ceej site:
Remember that old childhood adage, ’sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me’?

Well, it wasn’t true then and it’s not true now.

Name-calling does hurt, whether the insults are hurled face-to-face, through hate mail or in the form of graffiti. Attacks against an individual’s – or a group’s – sexuality, ethnicity, religion or culture can cut to the quick, demoralizing victims and inflicting wounds that can last a lifetime.

Sadly, such attacks are thriving in Mississauga and Brampton where incidents of hate-motivated crime more than doubled last year.

And, while the majority of Peel incidents were restricted to graffiti, others escalated to direct threats and assaults, leaving physical scars as well as emotional ones.

Peel is a widely diverse community with citizens from all walks of life: Each should be able to feel secure and safe from attack by the noxious attitudes of those who proudly display and disseminate their biases.

Students at the University of Ottawa this week made their intolerance for intolerant attitudes quite clear when they demonstrated against scheduled speaker Ann Coulter, an American right-winger with an apparent axe to grind against just about anyone who’s not a middle-class white American.

Residents of Peel can display their own intolerance for such attitudes and behaviour by defending those victimized by such hostility, by refusing to engage in any effort tinged by prejudice and by supporting Peel Regional Police in their efforts to quash hate crimes.

Those who engage in hate crimes are little more than bullies whose cowardly words and deeds reflect their own shortcomings and, like most bullies, they count on getting away with it. Don’t let them.
Remember that old childhood adage, "bite me"? It applies to dhimwits who know squat about Ann Coulter and what she is for and against (for: Israel and liberty; against: Big Government and out "betters" trying to push us around); who think that she, not Provost Houle, is the problem here; who don't "get" free speech at all; and who can't see that authorites are Speedy Gonzales when a "terrifying" graffito crops up, but are, shall we say, real slow pokes when it comes to the hate speech of a member of a "visible minority" (one of Canada's protected "victim groups")like, say, the extremely loquacious Salman Hossain.

That the Ceej would post this piece of drivel is more than Pathetic (with a capital "P"); it is an embarrassment.

Update: Re the old childhood adage about sticks, stones and names and how it's false. Who says so? Well, Queen Censor Jen, for one. She thinks the

“power (of words and ideas) while overwhelmingly positive, can also be used to undermine democracy, freedom and equality.” For that reason “Canada, and many other nations, have enacted laws to limit forms of extreme hateful expression that have very minimal value in the free exchange of ideas, but do great harm to our fellow citizens.”
Do they really, your Highness? Oh, sure, "names" can give offense, even make you mad. But weren't we all a lot better off when people let "words " roll off their backs--back before we traded away our free speech to higher ups who would decide for us which words were and were not acceptable?

Who died and made Jennifer Lynch Queen, anyway?

Oh, wait--it was the Conservatives, wasn't it?

Frankly, I could care less if you want to call me mean names, because doing so says far more about you and where your head is at than it does about me. No, the only hurtful words I really care about are ones like "Death to the Jews," and "Jewish child you're gonna f***ing die" and "Allahu Akbar"--you know, ones that announce murderous intentions. And, go figure, those are exactly the words our authorities are most likely to ignore. So who's really being "protected" by the Houles and Halls and Lynches, because it sure ain't the Jews.


sporangia said...

Scaramouche, you leave the impression that CJC wrote this article. It did not. It simply placed it on its site with hundreds maybe thosuands of other articles on hate speech and matters Jews might find interesting.

I see from previous threads that you do not agree with much the CJC has to say. And I even agree with some of your positions. But misrepresenting the group surely doesn't hep your 0wn credibility.

Jim R said...

Then maybe you could show us an article where CJC has ever supported anyone not liberal or leftist, or supported anyone conservative, Sporangia.

"And I even agree with some of your positions."

Show us one. One you have actual verbally supported with a comment.

CJC is a behind-the-times illiberal organization committed to a leftist ideology that has long since abandoned them.

Blazingcatfur said...

They didn't write it, no, but they posted it on their web says which indicates they must agree.

Unknown said...

I agree with BCF, suffice to say the CJC needs new leadership.Bernie's flame burnt out long ago.

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child said...

Tell you what sporangia, conservatives will agree to join you in admonishing Steyn for blaming CJC for something posted on their website... soon as you and the CJC petition the Human Rights Tribunals to stop blaming Connie Fourier and Marc Lemire for the things posted on their websites.