Monday, March 22, 2010

The Cranky Not Yet a 'Victim Group'

The Canadian "Human Rights" Commission posts the latest Canadian "Human Rights" Tribunal ruling. It has to do with a complaint brought by a long-time employee of the Bank of Montreal who had, shall we say, some personality issues, but who tried to claim she was let go due to a "disablity," a clear violation of her "rights".

What, you may ask, was her "diability"? Was she hard of hearing? In a wheelchair? Suffering from a bad case of shingles? Or halitosis?

Nope. She had some pain in her wrist.

That's it.

Well, she couldn't really complain she was let go because she was hard to get along with, now could she? At the moment, that particular grouping--the kvetchy/hard to get along with--hasn't yet been recognized as a "victim group," a highly coveted designation that would allow a member of that group to cry foul should someone "discriminate" against them. But, hey, there's always tomorrow.

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