Friday, March 26, 2010

Do NOT Try This At Home

A DIY circumcision story, from the Vancouver Sun:
METRO VANCOUVER -- A Metro Vancouver man who circumcised his four-year-old son at home with a razor blade and blood coagulant meant for horses has been sentenced to one year in jail followed by two years probation.
In April 2007, the man, identified only as DJW due to a publication ban, gave his son, DJ, honey wine before placing him on garbage bags on the kitchen floor. DJW then cut away the boy's foreskin with a razor blade.

As his son cried, the man sprinkled on him Wonder Dust, a blood coagulant meant for horses.

According to a summary of the case in Justice Marion Allan's October 2009 ruling, DJW, a Jehovah's Witness, had told DJ the procedure would grant him "extra special protection from God." DJW told DJ he would be allowed to eat Passover lamb and ice cream and to pick all the movies he wanted for a week.

DJ eventually had to be taken to hospital, where the circumcision was completed.

DJW initially claimed a religious exemption but dropped the argument based on the judge's finding that the procedure wasn't performed with reasonable care, his former lawyer, Doug Christie told The Vancouver Sun in October.

In late 2004 or early 2005, DJW circumcised himself, using Band-Aids, peroxide and a roll of gauze and a clear plastic ring, which he believed would act as an anesthetic. The procedure left his penis infected.

DJW was sentenced Thursday morning...
Would that be the same Doug Christie who represents all the Hitler fans? I didn't know he handled illegal foreskin removal cases too. (Might one venture that in this case he worked for tips?)

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