Thursday, March 25, 2010

Praise the Muslims and Pass the Samosas

William Kilpatrick wonders (in FrontPage magazine) why Christians are far more concerned about fighting "Islamophobia" than they are about fighting Muslim persecution/slaughter of Christians:
...Christian silence is particularly disturbing because Christians are supposed to answer to a higher authority than prevailing opinion. In addition, Christians can’t very well claim ignorance since much of recent Muslim animosity has been directed toward Christians. Here are some recent headlines:
■Iran: Protestant clergyman tortured for converting Muslims
■500 butchered in Nigeria killing fields
■Pakistan: Christian couple gets 25 years in prison for allegedly touching Qur’an with dirty hands
■Four churches firebombed in Malaysia for using “Allah” for God
■Egypt: At least six Christians killed in shooting outside church
■Christians in Iraq fear extinction
The response to all this on the part of Christian leaders has been muted. In fact, many Christians seem more worried about the dangers of Islamophobia than about the persecution of fellow Christians. For instance, Protestant and Catholic clergy throughout Europe have strongly condemned the recent Swiss vote to ban construction of new minarets. Likewise, in France the clergy seem more focused on a possible ban of the burqa than on the precarious situation of Christians in Muslim countries. In Holland a majority of Dutch clergy have condemned Geert Wilders as un-Christian for speaking out against Islamic violence. And at a “Christian-Muslim Summit” held at the Washington National Cathedral in early March, the harshest words in the final statement were reserved for the media, which was challenged to live up to its responsibility of “stemming the tide of Islamophobia.”...
There's turning the other cheek, and then there's being so suffused with love for the other (or is it so suffused with fear?) that you foolishly and dangerously allow the slaughter of your co-religionists to pass without comment (and focus your ire on Israel's "persecution" of Arabs instead).

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