Friday, March 26, 2010

An Oasis of Free Speech in an Unexpected Locale

Free speech may be as extinct as the Dodo bird at the U of Houle, but there is at least one place in the province where it's thriving: in the comments section of this anti-Coulter screed in NOW magazine by smug lefy Susan G. Cole. Here's a taste of the un-Canadian free-for-all, a comment by someone named LOL:
Ann Coulter's the best.
"Take a camel" lol that's gold.
As harsh as it might be if more muslims took camels we'd have alot less downed airplanes and buildings.
Better watch it, LOL. The above could get you hauled in front of a "human rights" outfit for saying something offensive about a protected minority group. Who do you think you are that you can say such "hateful" things on the Internet and get away with it--Salman Hossain?

Update: The comments here are pretty lively, too.

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