Friday, March 26, 2010

The Madness of King O

He rewards genocidal jihadis and penalizes Jews. Ralph Peters sums it up like this:
...Wednesday in Washington was dedicated to shooting down one Israeli compromise offer after another. Of course, we haven't asked those valiant Palestinian freedom fighters (unfairly considered terrorists by reactionaries like me) to compromise a fraction of an inch.
The Palestinians dictate, the White House obeys.
This is madness. Rewarding terror and intransigence, we're undercutting the single rule-of-law democracy and defender of human rights in the Middle East. "The rockets' red glare"? Last time I saw it, the rockets were raining down on civilians in northern Israel. But Obama truly believes that the Palestinians are the good guys.
Here's the US-Israeli-Palestinian relationship in simple terms: You run a business. And you have a brother who's worked with you for decades. A group of corrupt "partners" with criminal records, notorious for flouting every deal they've made, promises to make you rich. All you have to do is kill your brother.
The Palestinians and their Arab backers have broken their every pledge on the (blind-alley) road to a deal. Time and again, they've refused reasonable terms proposed by Israel.
They could've had a deal under Clinton. They had another chance under W. Each time, the Palestinians walked away. Because they don't really want peace with Israel. They want Israel destroyed. Either Obama gets it and agrees with them, or he's naive to an extent that makes Jimmy Carter look jaded.
As far as the trumped-up issue of settlements goes, my Israeli friends are missing a great opportunity: Since Obama's supporters insist on a history-based Palestinian right of return to Jerusalem, Jews should demand their historical right to resettlement in the Saudi-occupied city of Medina -- where their once-prosperous presence is documented by the Koran...
Silly Ralph. Don't you know that according to the Koran once a place has gone 'Rab, the land you can't grab? That's the reason the 'Rabs want Israel to disappear--so the land, miniscule though it is, can be restored to Dar al Islam. And it would appear that that's what King Hussein Barack wants too.

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