Saturday, March 27, 2010

Paging Buffy

Well, don't we have egg all over our faces? Yesterday free-speechers were (briefly) elated because a media release issued by a Canadian union made it sound as though the federal government would finally be ratcheting back our oppressive, out-of-control "human rights" bureacracy. Turns out that not only is the government doing no such thing, it's actually expanding the racket. And that media release? I was all a misunderstanding. The decision to close the three offices in question--the issue that got the union so riled up--was the apparatchiks', not the government's, as per this report in the National Post:

...Likewise, the facts about the CHRC branch offices are much more bland and bureaucratic than PSAC's [the kvetchy union's] version.

For one thing, the decision to close them was not made by the government, but by the CHRC itself, in a year-long strategy process led by its own secretary-general, Karen Mosher. Justice Minister Rob Nicholson also said in a statement that his office had no involvement.

In a brief interview on Friday, Ms. Mosher described how an analysis of the CHRC's three priorities -- complaint resolution, discrimination prevention, and research -- led to the conclusion that they should close the branch offices.

In their place will be two regional headquarters focused on discrimination prevention, in Montreal and Edmonton...
Is anyone in the Conservative government keeping tabs on this monster? Is anyone concerned about how it's sucking us dry--literally and figuratively? Or have they all decided that it's way too much of a political hot potato, and that it's easier to let the creature grow unchecked?

Doesn't any politician have the stones to get out the garland of garlic and the wooden stake and do what needs to be done?

Where's our Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

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