Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Obama Co-opts (and de-Judaizes) Pesach

If, like President Hussein Barack, you have a PoMo mindset, everything's about "discrimination" and "human rights"--even Passover. Jennifer Rubin comments, quoting "the Great One":
Obama, as presidents have traditionally done, released a Passover message. It is typical Obama — off-key, hyper-political, and condescending. The core of the message is this:
The enduring story of the Exodus teaches us that, wherever we live, there is oppression to be fought and freedom to be won. In retelling this story from generation to generation, we are reminded of our ongoing responsibility to fight against all forms of suffering and discrimination, and we reaffirm the ties that bind us all.

No, he didn’t have the nerve to recite the emphatic exhortation “Next year in Jerusalem.” And frankly, it sounds like Eric Holder and his civil rights lawyers drafted it. Is Passover really about discrimination? Or is it about the deliverance of God’s Chosen People by God from bondage to the land of Israel? Hmm. Obama notes the “rich symbols, rituals, and traditions” but skips the God part. What is missing from Obama’s secularized spiel is the unique, historic, and, indeed, religious message of the Jewish holiday.
No, no, no--Passover has a "universal" message. You know, like the Anne Frank story.

Update: Thought I'd share my Passover quip re the first line of the Haggadah observing that we Jews "have eaten the bread of affliction": I'm tired of eating the bread of affliction. I think I'd like a nice croissant for a change.

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