Sunday, March 21, 2010

Get Peeled, Ban

Ban Ki-Moon (or should we call him Ban Annan--or better yet, Banana?) says Gaza is suffering because of Israel's blockade (placing the blame for the suffering on the Jews, not Hamas, natch).

Update: The Gaza jihadis sing Van the Man:

Well, it's a marvelous day for Ki-Moon's rants
'Bout how "Gazans" are "suffering" so.
A fantabulous time for a tap dance,
Round and round past the jihad he'll go.
All the world is lined up in our corner
Freakin' out 'bout the Jews' infamy.
Building stuff and blockading--those meanies.
They're the bad guys as all can agree.
And everytime they fight back
Send a judge to the scene.
And soon enough we'll get right back
To trashing Zion--know wha' I mean?
Can't we just get more good P.R. from Moon, m'dear?
Can't we just hope and pray the Jews'll disappear?...

1 comment:

Jim R said...

Of course Gaza is suffering because of Israel's blockade. It also suffered with Jordan's and Egypt's and....

What do you do with uncivilized attacks on the civilized?? You blockade the very least for godsake.