Thursday, March 25, 2010

From Those Wonderful Folks Who Brought You Israeli Apartheid Week

As we know, Anne Coulter's provcative right-wing "hate speech" is strictly verboten over at the U of Houle; wouldn't want to expose impressionable young lambs, the delicate hot house flowers, to anything that over-the-top hateful, eh? As we also know, provocative Islamolefty hate speech about Israel is permitted--welcomed, even--because that's how "free speech" works in the microcosm (the university campus) and the macrocosm (the whole flipping country). Here a list of the organizations that sponsored this year's Ottawa Zionhass blowout. See if you notice anything odd about it:

Agitate! Queer People of Colour
Books 2 Prisoners
Canadian Arab Federation
Canadian Friends of Sabeel
Canadian Union of Postal Workers
Carleton University Aboriginal Service Centre
Carleton University Womyn's Centre
Common Cause Ottawa
Faculty for Palestine-Carleton
Human Rights Program of the Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies, Carleton University
Canada Palestine Support Network-Ottawa
Collectif du chat noir
EXILE Infoshop
Independent Jewish Voices (Canada)
Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Movement Ottawa
No One Is Illegal-Ottawa
Not In Our Name: Jews Opposing Zionism - Ottawa
Ontario Public Interest Research Group-Carleton
Ontario Public Interest Research Group-Ottawa/Groupe de recherche
d'intérêt public de l'Ontario-Ottawa
Queer fAction
Socialist Project
Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights-Ottawa
Students Against Israeli Apartheid-Carleton
Under Pressure//Sous Pression Coalition Against Poverty
Queers. Womyn. Arabs. Blacks. Black queers. Poor black queers. Aboriginals. Poor aboriginal queers.

Postal workers.

Funny how so many "victim groups" are so keen to participate in a Hatefest. Sort of puts a lie to the muliticulti orthodoxy that "victims" are incapable of manifesting irrational prejudice and hatred themselves, don't you think?


Tim Johnston said...

great point Scaramouche!
when all the "victims" stand together you wonder whom they're standing against....

scaramouche said...

I think they're standing against us (people who support freedom and Capitalism and all the other "bad" things, including Israel, that Islamolefties can't abide).

Jim R said...

"I think they're standing against us"....and for all things communist.

I could be less offensive and say Socialist instead, but this would ignore the fact Socialism is just an interim and pretty much has already been our universities at least.