Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Just Say No to Obnoxious 'Roos

The lawyer for the comedian who is facing the B.C. "human rights" inquisition has demonstrated the appropriate way to respond to these officious fools. From the National Post:
The lawyer for a comedian accused of discrimination after trash-talking a lesbian turned in his own performance yesterday, denouncing the human rights case brought against his client and walking out of the hearing.

"This is high-handed and I cannot stay here," lawyer James Millar told B.C. Human Rights tribunal member Murray Geiger-Adams. "I would be consenting to an illegal process. It's too bad you wouldn't listen. With your leave, I'll leave."

He was furious with Mr. Geiger-Adams, who insisted on starting the four-day hearing before determining whether the tribunal even has the authority to hear the case...
Hearing a case before determining whether it had authority to do so? How 'roo. And how wrong. If more attorneys declined to participate in this farcical process, a travesty of and an insult to regular Canadian jurisprudence, maybe we could get somewhere in our campaign to FIRE. THEM. ALL.


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Where did you get that neat pic of Pelosie?

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