Saturday, March 27, 2010

Obama's De-Judaized Seder

If anyone can make a mockery of the Passover seder, it's Hussein Barack Obama, friend to Rashid Khalidi, mentee of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and the man who left the Prime Minister of Israel cooling his heels--a punishment for his failure to kowtow to Obama's 13, count 'em, 13 demands--while he left to eat dinner in another part of the White House. Here's a recap (in the NYT) of how things went down at the Hussein seder last year (my bolds):

...Ms. Tubman and Desirée Rogers, then the White House social secretary, tried to plan an informal meal last year, with little or even no wait staff required. White House ushers reacted with what seemed like polite horror. The president and the first lady simply do not serve themselves, they explained. The two sides negotiated a compromise: the gefilte fish would be preplated, the brisket passed family-style.
Then came what is now remembered as the Macaroon Security Standoff. At 6:30, with the Seder about to start, Neil Cohen, the husband of Michelle Obama’s friend and adviser Susan Sher, was stuck at the gate bearing flourless cookies he had brought from Chicago. They were kosher for Passover, but not kosher with the Secret Service, which does not allow food into the building.
Offering to help, the president walked to the North Portico and peered out the door, startling tourists. He volunteered to go all the way to the gates, but advisers stopped him, fearing that would cause a ruckus. Everyone seemed momentarily befuddled. Could the commander in chief not summon a plate of cookies to his table? Finally, Mr. Love ran outside to clear them.
Mr. Obama began the Seder by invoking the universality of the holiday’s themes of struggle and liberation. Malia and Sasha quickly found the hidden matzo and tucked it away again, so cleverly that Mr. Ziskend, the former advance man, needed 45 minutes to locate it. At the Seder’s close, the group opened a door and sang to the prophet Elijah...
Get your mitts of our holiday, buster. It's not universal. It's Jewish. J-E-W-I-S-H. Same as that little stiff-necked entity that's been giving you such headaches.

And, hey, in a way isn't that the real issue? Obama would like to "universalize" Israel same as he "universalized" Passover--by taking the persnickety Jewish part out of it ('cause the Arabs, his habibis, don't much care for it). No can do, Hussein. No. Can. Do.

Do us all a big favour and choke on a shankbone give the White House seder a pass this year, 'kay?

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