Sunday, March 21, 2010

Seeing Through the Smoke

The Toronto Sun's Lorrie Goldstein notes that the IAW crowed use the smoke screen of "human rights" to conceal their Zionhass:
Following last week’s column on Israeli Apartheid Week, a number of readers have asked if I’m arguing anyone who participates in this annual event is a Jew hater.
No. There may well be those who participate in IAW, which started at the University of Toronto in 2005, out of a genuine humanitarian concern about Israeli policies toward the Palestinians.

They may also be genuinely unaware the IAW campaign — as British Conservative MP Michael Gove noted during a Canadian tour last fall — uses an age-old tactic employed by Jew haters throughout human history.

That is, to take the founding paradigm of any era, that which we say we most value or believe in, and twist it to portray Jews not just as capable of wrongdoing — since that can be said of anyone — but rather to portray Jews as the most evil people on Earth.

Our paradigm today — what we say we value most — is human rights.

That’s why, to the Jew hater, it’s vital, through IAW, to portray Jews not just as human rights violators, but as the world’s worst violators.

Hence the unrelenting, unfair comparisons of Israel — the Jewish state — in its treatment of the Palestinians, to the most publicly reviled human rights violator of the modern age — apartheid South Africa.

This without any qualifiers — the security threats to Israel posed by Arab and Islamic terrorism — or context — how human rights in Israel compare to the Arab and Islamic dictatorships surrounding it.

Why? Because for Jew haters, none of that matters.

To the contrary, it’s perfectly acceptable to them when Muslims violate the human rights of other Muslims, Christians, or Jews, or when the state-run media in much of the Arab and Muslim world constantly spout Jew hatred.

That’s because Jew haters don’t care about human rights, only about maliciously depicting Jews not just as human rights violators, but as the world’s worst violators...
'Twas ever thus.

Update: Speaking of blowing smoke (of a particularly acrid variety), IAW fan Harpoon Siddiqui fumes that the Jooos get preferential treatment in Canada.

Update: A Harpoon clerihew:

Blowhard Harpoon
Is a cinch to lampoon:
"Muslims are hot 'n'
Israel's rotten."

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