Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Houle Ball O' Wax

Mike Milke of the Calgary Herald makes a good point about Provost Houle and other Canadian control freaks guardians of societal purity:
Those who want to shut others up, or "advise" controversial speakers to watch their words as the University of Ottawa provost did, display a lack of modesty about their own intellectual limits. They fail to recognize we're all a speck in a grand human drama over the millenniums. They assume that after dragging ourselves up out of primordial muck over the ages, that in 2010, we've evolved into perfect creatures with perfect wisdom. And, apparently, no one need intrude on our fantasy with contrary opinions.
That's hubris on a grand scale...

The grandest scale, in fact--a global one. Isn't that right, Organization of the Islamic Caliphate?

No surprise that it's the Slamolefties who are most sensitive to "blasphemy"/"defamation"/"hate speech" and who long to control the whole frikkin' conversation.

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