Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cat on a Hot Trudeaupian Roof

Suing people--in real courts and fake "human rights" ones--for saying things that "offend" you is all the rage in certain quarters. This time, Ceej hanger-on/honouree Richard Warman is suing our old friend BCF for--get this--linking to a piece by Mark Steyn. (For a number of reasons which Steyn details here, Warman can't or won't sue Steyn directly.) BCF is on the ramparts every day, fighting to preserve our freedom. So please swing by his site and put a few dollars in the kitty's kitty because, as the Cat rightly (pun intended) explains, "this is your fight too." 

In "honour" of all the dunderheads (is that actionable?) who believe censorship rocks, I have revised a number from Cabaret:
The words in the magazine
"Hurt" and "offend".
They're crossing some line you can't see.
But gathered together we'll silence you all.
Tomorrow you won't be free.

The blasphemy's rife and it will not prevail.
Free speech dies like leaves on a tree.
"Utopia" calls and we must not fail--
Tomorrow you won't be free.
Now, censorship, censorship,
It's so divine.
The Prophet and others agree.
So stifle yourselves,
Don't complain,
Don't whine,
Tomorrow you won't be free.
Tomorrow you won't,
Tomorrow you won't,
Tomorrow you won't be free.

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