Sunday, October 24, 2010

Eyes Without a Face

I'm really old and squaresville and thus out of the loop, trend-wise. So when my handsome young nephew told me he couldn't wait to get his "morphsuit," I had no idea what he was talking about. In case you're as out of it as I am, this is what a morphsuit looks like:

Of course, blue is only one of many colours in which it comes, which means you and each of your pals can wear a different shade when you're going out in public as, what, Power Rangers? Extraterrestrials? Members of a multi-coloured Blue Man Group?

Sorry, but as someone who is uncomfortable with the way women feel compelled (for religious reasons) to hide their faces and perambulate in public anonymously, I find this current trend (unless it's reserved for Halloween wear) to be, well, really, really creepy.

Update: At least one Mark Steyn fan is planning to attend the London event in drag. I say why not wear a morphsuit?

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