Thursday, October 28, 2010

Is 'Our' Omie Homeward Bound?

Our "homie" Omie essays one by the Jew Paul Simon:

I'm sittin' in a kafir prison,
Hopin' soon to hear a good decision.
Got sidetracked in Afghanistan.
Went over there with my old man.
And ev'ry jail guard understands
To wear gloves to touch the Koran.
Homeward bound,
I soon will be,
Homeward bound.
Home, where my ma is waitin'.
Home, lawyers salivatin'.
Home, where they're all debatin' what
My payoff will be...

Update: Speaking of payoffs, a Calgary Herald editorial asks whether it's time to pass a Son of Sam law in Canada (so that this s.o.b. won't profit from his crime).

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