Friday, October 22, 2010

The One and Only 'Cure' for Sharia Creep

A new report prescribes one, and only one, medicine for what ails us:
Shariah: The Threat to America traces in grim and authoritative detail the many inroads that Muslim supremacists have made in the United States. It is partly an analysis of how the process of Islamicization proceeds in America—terrorism, though dramatic, may be the least effective weapon in the arsenal of Islamic proselytization—partly a wake-up call for Americans who are concerned about salvaging freedom in the face of this new totalitarian threat. What is the antidote? “There is,” the authors conclude, “only one thing that can begin to save us . . . : Free speech. Free, unfettered, politically incorrect, informed and precise speech about shariah and the threat it poses to America.” Alas, that is one thing officialdom wants to deny you—“nothing to see here, move along . . . and keep quiet.” Shariah: The Threat to America makes for painful but essential reading. It will soon be available as a softcover book. You can download it today at

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